Gallery Annunciation

13. march 2017


The icon depicts Gabriel the Archangel, the messenger of God´s most important messages. He is displayed four times. First, he appears at the top of the icon receiving from God – portrayed as Sabaoth, the Lord of hosts – the blessing and he is sent to announce glad tidings to the Virgin Mary. This happened after God decided to give humanity a second chance and sent his Son - Logos into the world to pick Adam up from the circles of hell, to redeem man. In the image, you can see the immediate obedience of Archangel Gabriel (Isaiah 6,8 prefigured "Here I am, send me!") and Sabaoth sitting on a throne and surrounded by Seraphims.

The scene of Annunciation is displayed two times. At the top, Mary is filling the jug with the water from the fountain of eternal life, because in the apocryphal Gospel of Jacob archangel Gabriel gave God's message to Mary at the well. The main scene takes place in the temple. Archangel Gabriel interrupted Virgin Mary, during the weaving of the temple curtain, with urgent messages. She put down her work and heard the familiar words: "Hail Mary, full of grace ..." As soon as Mary said "Let it be to me according to your word.", God's Spirit as dove come down on her. Virgin Mary stands on a substrate, which separates it from human sinfulness and symbolizes that she was conceived without original sin.

The pose of the Virgin Mary is a celebration of motherhood, wisdom, and humility. She puts/sets aside her life and she dresses in the royal purple mantle of God's plans.

When Archangel Gabriel completed his mission, he came out of the temple and in the attitude of blessing he conveyed a message from God to us. He greets every man separately and says that we have found the favour with God and that Jesus can be born in our hearts. Archangel Gabriel proclaims God gives a second chance to each of us.

The color scheme of the icons indicating Yaroslavl Icon Painting Schools.


The mystery of the Annunciation was humbly received also by Old Fathers. Icon reveals that we should accept this mystery as a gift of God's mercy.