Gallery Holy Great-Martyr and Healer Panteleimon

8. october 2018


Panteleimon is depicted in a richly decorated garment. In his hands he holds a medicine box and a spoon. He has short dark brown hair and not having a beared, with which an iconographer wanted to emphasize his youth. Above his head from the heavens, the Lord Jesus Christ looks at him and blesses Panteleimon.


1. The Emperor orders Eufrozin to teach young Panteleimon the medical art.


2. Panteleimon learns the medical art of Eufrozin.


3. Panteleimon reports to Hermolay.


4. Panteleimon resurrects the dead boy and and confirms in faith in Christ.


5. He receives baptism from Father Hermolay.


6. He is merciful to the poor.


7. He treats the blind man.


8. He presents himself to the Emperor and heals the paralyzed man.


9. Soldiers attach him to the tree and burn him with candles.


10. Soldiers torture him in the boiling lead.


11. Soldiers throw him into the sea.


12. Panteleimon faces wild beasts.


13. Panteleimon is beaten on a wooden wheel.


14. Panteleimon is decapitated.




Holy Great-Martyr and Healer Panteleimon,


thou imitator of God's mercy!


Look down in thy loving kindness and hearken unto us, sinners,


who offer heartfelt prayers before thy holy icon.


Ask for us from the Lord God,


before Whom the Angels stand in heaven,


remission of our sins and transgressions.


Heal the ills of body and soul of the servants of God whom we here commemorate,


who are here present,


and of all Orthodox Christians who seek thy help.


For behold, we, who because of our sins are possessed by bitter ills and have no help or consolation,


yet flee to thee for refuge, since thou hast been given Grace to pray for us and to heal every ill and every disease.


Grant, therefore, to all of us, by thy holy prayers,


health and strength of soul and body,


a good growth in the Faith and in devotion,


and all that is needful unto this temporal life and unto our salvation:


So that, having been granted great and rich mercy thorugh thee,


we may glorify thee and Him that bestoweth all good things,


our God Who is wondrous in His Saints,


the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.