2. october 2019

A characteristic feature of the icon is the young man's pose on the right side of the Mother of God tenderly pressing her cheeks against her cheek. Mother lovingly embraces Jesus' fragile body to her chest. She has the edge of the maforion swung over her left hand, protecting and covering her child. The immense sadness in his wide-open eyes expresses the desire to protect the young man from danger and to extend the time of his carefree childhood. The mother knows the herald of her son's death on the cross and fully experiences this pain. The gestures of her hands, the shading of her face and the eyes looking down, towards humankind, give the whole composition a dramatic character. Both the upper mantle and the cover of the Head of the Holy Virgin are brown-purple in colour, which the iconographer achieved by mixing blue and red - symbols of virgin purity and blood. The Son of God received His earthly purple, flesh and blood from the Pure Mother. The white cap hides her hair and visibly affirms innocence, while the golden hem of the scarf and filigree glittering decoration on the right forearm reflects God's glory and ascribes the Mother's Dignity to the Mother of God, as expressed by the abbreviations of Meter Theu - Mother of God.

The Before-Ever Child has a tunic of green, a symbol of spirituality. He has a golden ribbon around his belt, a symbol of obedience to the Father, and a symbol of the power he has from the Father. His golden-yellow garment is by his loins. He caresses Mother's face with his right hand and clings to her scarf with his left. He leans towards her gently in his defencelessness, but through looking over her head towards his Father he calms her in the certainty of Fathers measureless love and sovereign power over the world. In the cross nimbus are written Greek letters omega, omicron, nu. The initials of the name "I am who I am." Above head are the abbreviations IC XC, the initials of the name ISOS CHRISTOS.


The icon of the Mother of God Yaroslavskaya, along with Donskaya, Vladimirskaya and Kazanskaya, was given to the Russian nation at a time of cruel raids and the most severe labour as the spiritual reinforcement and powerful protection of the Holy Mother of God. Despite her revelation, she protected the country through these icons from four cardinal points according to the location where she was brought.


Believers pray in front of the icon for remission and relief from physical pain.