Gallery Icon of the Mother of God Joy of all who sorrow

1. may 2017

Mother of God in the imperial byzantine robe/habit stands in the centre of the Icon depicted as the Queen of Angels. Her allocation into the “mandorla” symbolizes the virgin birth of Jesus – just as the Almond core is born in its intact holster. On either side people suffering from diverse pains, illnesses, with various worries and anxieties come to pray to the Mother. She listens to their prayers and immediately sends angels to help them in their need.

The Icon became famous in 1688. After an ardent/ passionate prayer of the priest in the presence of the icon, Jeftimia, the sister of patriarch Joachim, was miraculously cured from the terminal disease. After this incredible event, people with many diseases, sufferings or sorrows came in front of the divine icon to pray. Accordingly to their belief they were cured or received help in various anxieties. Countless testified the help of the Mother of God. Every Russian city had the copy of this icon. Not only orthodox believers pilgrim to pray in front of the icon. Everyone that comes with prayer of faith, forgiveness and hope can enjoy the fruits of her fountain of healing and help. 

Prayer: (First Prayer From Akathist to the Theotokos, Joy of All Who Sorrow)

O Lady most holy and Theotokos, Thou that art more exalted than the Cherubim and more honorable than the Seraphim, O divinely-chosen Maiden, Joy of all who sorrow; grant consolation even unto us that are sunk in sorrow, for apart from Thee we have no refuge or assistance.

Thou alone are the Mediatress of our joy and, in that Thou art the Mother of God and Mother of mercy, standing at the throne of the All-holy Trinity, Thou art able to help us, for none that doth flee to Thee departeth ashamed.

Therefore, hearken now in the day of our sorrow unto us who fall down before Thine icon and supplicate Thee with tears: drive away from us the sorrows and griefs that assail us in this temporal life, and by Thine omnipotent intercession may we not be deprived of eternal and never-ending joy in the Kingdom of Thy Son and our God. Amen.