Gallery Icon Paternity

4. july 2017

The Icon “Fatherhood“, lat. Paternitas, or also The Trinity of the New Testament, comes from the 17th century Russia. The icon depicts the Most Holy Trinity in its mysterious form. It is not the representation of the Holy Trinity, but of its inner life, the relationship of the Loving, Beloved, and Love. It is the icon of the relationship between God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The first and most obvious thing that stands out from the icon is the Father that is giving his blessing while sitting on a massive throne with two pillows of red and blue, symbols of divine and human nature. Golden octagonal nimbus means eternity. His face is full of energy. From the left to the right side we can read: "Lord of the Sabaoth".

In the Father, the Son sits with the scroll of the Scriptures in the left hand, as the "Word of Wisdom". With the right hand together with the Father, he blesses the creature. The stool on the right shoulder of God the Father and the Son of God underlines blessing in priest-like power. The Son is portrayed as Emmanuel, the Saviour, in a blue circle, indicating His redemptive mission to come to the world and save the man. Above both shoulders, we observe the initials of his name IC XC.

His bottom garments are red and upper garments are gold, which are the colours expressing His divinity. Above the head of the Son we see a white dove in a red circle that touches Both, the Father and the Son, and thus visually shows the unity of the three Persons in one God.

White robes of the Father that radiating brightly symbolize the spirituality, the same as the throne-back and the pedestal. The throne of the Father is outshined with His light, which is depicted in the drawing in wood as the periodically repeating circles of light rays. The posture of the Father indicates the gesture of a step towards the man. He comes first and he invites us into the relationship. Two semi-circular incisions on the throne resemble two stone tablets of God's commandments.


Next to the Father we see a place yet to be taken, of which the Son said: "many dwellings are in my Father's house." The icon communicates paternal tenderness and maternal care, shelter, and security. It draws into God's harmony and peace. The Secret of the Most Holy Trinity is the central secret of Christian faith and Christian life. It is the mystery of God as He is in Himself. CCC234