Gallery Michael the Archangel

2. october 2017

The icon bears the name OBRAZ ARCHISTRATIH MICHAIL ARCHANHEL, which means the image of Archbishop Michael Archangel. He is the first and most important of the angels in the Christian tradition. He is the angel of righteousness and judgment, grace and mercy, the supporter or protector of the people of God. His armour, drawn sword or copy are the indications that he is the leader of the Lord´s army. The feast of the Icon is celebrated on 29th September.

The Icon depicts a winged archangel in the form of an apocalyptic rider who majestically rides on a fiery horse. The wings and a club in his hand symbolize the ability to move quickly and perform God's will.

The Archangel is dressed in silver armour, with a blue chiton underneath, and he is covered in red chlamide. Red colour represents divinity and performance. He wears black boots. On his head, there is a royal crown with a diadem, a symbol of immediate obedience to God. Around his head, there is a nimbus glowing. The face of the Archangel is red – this indicates the presence of the fire of divinity.  In one hand, he holds the rein of the fiery horse winged with silver pinions, and a trumpet. With the trumpet, he announces Lord's second coming, the sound is carried around the world in the same way as the wind which can also reach all places.

In the other hand, he holds the Gospel in a decorative metal binding. From the Gospel, the word of God comes out into the world. The Gospel is a joyful message, a well, a source of God's Word. The incense is one of the gifts the Saviour was given at His birth by the Three Wise Men as a symbol of God.

The Archangel has his arms spread. A cosmic rainbow shines between them – it’s a symbol of God's reconciliation with people. Michael, the great prince, is victorious over the evil-Satan, portrayed by hellfire. He beats the enemy with his spear. The Archangel topples him into the abyss forever. His winged fiery horse is jumping over the abyss. The mighty leader that encourages awe and wonder, God's messenger, the commander of the celestial troops, steps before the face of the Lord.

In the upper left part we can see a dark blue cloud, there is prepared a set altar on the cloud, with the Holy Gospel, and Emanuel that gives his blessing with the IC XC monogram - Jesus Christ.

From the abyss, the rough sea waters spurted out. These indicated the waters of the flood that inundated the world. Under the icon, there is an unreadable part of the text, but we can understand at least this: "the sea has overflown, the enemy has lost all weapons, the cities and castles have been destroyed, and there is not a trace of them."


Believers pray for Saint Michael’s help especially in the time of war. He is the protector in the moment of death. Even today, Christians pray to Saint Michael, the leader of the heavenly army, to drive away all the evil, which is wandering around the world, with the power of God.