Gallery The Icon of Four Births

12. december 2016

The month of December is the last month of the calendar year. This month is special because it begins and also ends with Feasts. In the first quarter of the month we celebrate the Feast of St. Nicholas, and in the last quarter, we celebrate Feasts relating to the birth of Jesus Christ - Christmas. Most people consider Christmas the most beautiful Feasts and with the joy in their hearts they expect the coming of our Saviour. The day when we celebrate the birth of the Lord can have a deeper meaning. If we remain open to the unknown, mysterious and beautiful secret, which God has planted in our hearts, this holidays can become not only a reminder of the day when our Saviour was born from a chaste virgin but also the day when he is reborn in our hearts.

The Icon of Four Births comes from Russia from the 19th century. It is written on gold background very gently and carefully, suggesting a great skill of the iconographer.


The icon is symmetrically divided into four equal parts. Upper left depicts the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Lower left demonstrates the scene of the birth of St. John the Baptist - the Lord's predecessor. Lower right describes the Birth of Saint Nicholas – The Bishop. And the upper right illustrates the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. This icon is an unusual piece thanks to the rare theme and the message. We all come into this world through the birth. Figures depicted are interconnected with the bonds of love and all are united by the love of the Son of God. Jesus Christ only because of true love came into the world to redeem us. Blessed Virgin, Saint John the Baptist and St. Nicholas committed their lives to Christ in the service of love.