Gallery The Spring of Life

15. january 2019

The Holy Image of the Mother of God has a deeper meaning than merely pointing to the original source, which has caused many healings or the healing work of the various other springs dedicated to the Mother of God - the Spring of Life.

The Spring of Life of the Most Holy Mother is the incarnation of the Most Holy Mother, who carries in her womb the Savior of mankind, who blesses the lives of all the sincere believers in Him and His Father, for He is always in Him. For many people say that Christ is our Life, calling Him the Life-Giver. And the spring and the beginning of this life is She - the Divine Mother. Therefore, this icon expresses precisely that Mary is the spring or source of life and all graces. She can heal the body and the soul of every inhabitant of the earth as a truly caring Mother, for she has taken the whole human race under protection.

St. Augustine, in one of his speeches, deals with the "voice-word" relationship. We read: "The sound of the voice came to pass and ceased in the service as though he said," And this joy is full. " we must not lose the word conceived in the depths of the heart. "Our Father, Bishop Thomas, chose for his sign:" Through Mary to Jesus. " It is Mary who brings God to man, and this Mary can also bring every man to God. Blessed Isaac, Abbot of the Stella Monastery, teaches the following: "What the Divine Wisdom says – the Father's Word, about the Church in general, applies to Mary personally and individually about the believing soul." The Holy Mother Church bore Christ's body in the sacrament of baptism, and we the Savior's limbs are required to distribute water from the living spring to others - exactly as it is shown on the icon.

Virgin Mary cares very much that the whole mystical body of Jesus is alive and sacrificed. Let us recource to Her in every difficulty, for She is the mediator of all graces.