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2. january 2017

Virgin Mary tenderness or joy of all joys /19.stor., Russia /


Icon type Eleusa / tenderness / written in a modern style, shows the Virgin Mary at the moment the Archangel Gabriel said: "Behold the handmaid of the Lord ..." The head gently sloping to the right, eyes slightly open, cheerful face and thought. Virgin Mary is concentrated in Word that womb, which protects crossed hands. It's wearing a simple but festive red dress that reflects her devotion to God and that God is all filled. Great white headscarf symbolizes spirituality.

Icon Tenderness / Umilenije / is known as the 'Joy of all joys. " So i called her holy Serafín of Sarov mentioned by St. John Paul II. in the book "Crossing the Threshold of Hope" among the five examples of unusual prayer. The icon has been a mysterious image of the great saint of Russia. Once he anointed the sick with oil from the lamps burning before the icon was healed. Before this icon left Serafín of the Lord.

In 1927 year was Diveevský monastery, he was in the original icon "Joy of all joys" closed. No holy icon managed to sneak in and for decades it protect pious people risking their lives. It is now at the residence of the Patriarch in Moscow.

Prayer tradition: the icon is known for numerous cases of cure of physical disease. They pray in front of her young virgins for help in maintaining chastity, piety and good morals, a good husband, a blessed and happy family life. They pray in front of it also as a woman conceiving a child, happy childbirth. Before the icon can pray for anything that disturbs the body and soul. The Mother of God, we turn not only for help in various Tribulation and anguish, but also with gratitude for her help and intercession.

Tropar: "The Blessed Virgin with emotion to You vinieme, load repent sins we do. Your miraculous icon of tenderness kisses and tears we cry to heaven: ruler, receive prayer unworthy of their children with love. Fortunate us prosiacich, bruise his grace. "

Icon is exposed during the month of January in the exhibition of icons in the company premises HOUR on the street MR Štefánika 33, Žilina. You can watch it on weekdays from Tuesday to Friday from 13.00 to 17.00 hours by telephone or you can arrange a private visit to Tel .: 0905 275948 also invite you to a lecture about the icon, which will be on Wednesday 18. 1. 2017 at 16:30 at the premises of exposure icon. More information is on Facebook @ or