Christ Pantocrator

(Albania; seventeenth century)

Albania; seventeenth century; 62 x 37.3 cm

Description of the icon:

The icon on a gold background depicts Christ up to the waist, who is giving blessings with his right hand, and, unlike on the previous icons, is holding a closed book on his chest. He is dressed in a dark blue himation and a red-brown chiton with a golden clavus. The focused look is directed at the onlooker. The harmonious lines of wavy hair rest on the left shoulder of Christ. The Greek letters Ѡ Ѻ N are placed in a simple cross nimbus. The monogram of Jesus Christ IC XC is on the upper corners of the icon in red circles. The Greek name of the icon Παντοκράτωρ – Omni-ruler is included in the icon.