The Image of the Saviour Not Created with the Help of Hands

(Russia; eighteenth century)

Russia; eighteenth century; 44.5 x 39 cm

Feast: First Sunday of Lent; August 16

Description of the icon

The icon depicts a scarf with the face of Christ held by angels in the corners. The icon is highlighted by a bright yellow nimbus, which contrasts with the dark hair of Christ and the light canvas. The Church Slavonic name of the icon Нерукотворенный образъ Господень – The Image of our Lord not created with hands is in the middle in the upper part of the icon. There are two saints in the centre on the sides of the icon. On the left from the viewer's point of view is St. John – the soldier and protector and on the right is the holy martyr and healer Panteleimon. At the bottom of the icon is the text: БОЖIЕ ВИДЕНIЕ – Б [О] Ж [ЕС] Т [BE] НОЕ ЧУДО, Depiction of God – God's miracle.